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Mahalia Jackson
Mahalia JacksonHere you can download the discographie of Mahalia Jackson. This forth edition contains, on 398 pages, informationen about 320 CDs (160 Mahalia only), 8 MC’s, 131 LP’s, 58 EP’s, 24 Singles, 24 movies und 17 books. Besides the addition of new items, the following changes have been done:
  • All documents are now processed using Open Office Writer. Starting from approximately 300 pages Ms-Word was simply overtaxed. Besides handling linked pictures is substantially simpler in Writer.
  • The alphabethical item list, which is mainly used to identify takes, has been restructured and extended with accompaniment information.
  • Several corrections have been made. Thanks to all those who have supplied error and discrepancy information.
file size creation date
   Discography 30MB FEB-2009
   Lyrics 571KB FEB-2009
   Song Comments 304KB FEB-2005

To open click the name of the file.
To save directly rightclick and choose "save target to ..."

Next steps:

There is still much to do to the Discography. I hope it will not take another 4 years for the next edition.
First I will work on the task postponed for a long time, which is to copy all tracks of each title from the CD's and DVD's and compare them with each other. There is to settle there many ambiguity, for example the assumption that the Vogue tracks marked with V*00xx are effectively takes from the TVshows.

Also I would like to ask again here:
who ever finds information not yet contained
in the Discografie - in particular missing
media of all kinds - please let me know!
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